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Over the last 12 months, there has been a rapid shift in the assumption that senior living is slow to adopt technology. The restrictions and changes ushered in by COVID-19 such as required quarantine, visitation restrictions and evolving safety guidelines accelerated the need for resources that could help communities quickly and overcome these challenges - and at scale. Managing a community in the midst of these changes became incredibly challenging for community staff, while residents and their families became increasingly concerned about this new reality.

Senior living staff needed a quick, efficient way to communicate community information and updates to residents. Residents needed a way to stay connected to other residents, as well as their family and friends outside of the community in a time when in-person visits became impossible.

This case study explores how three different senior living communities launched the K4Community Plus resident mobile application to keep residents better connected to their families, the community and each other. While these trends rose during the peak of the pandemic, resident and staff attitudes toward and expectations of technology have had a lasting impact.


Download the full case study below to learn more about how residents and staff are using mobile app technologies to stay connected, informed and engaged.

Highlights and Key Takeaways:

  • A resident application can keep residents better connected to family and staff during a crisis >> 100% increase in the volume of phone and video calls made
  • The most valuable features of a resident application include communications, engagement and information >> 233% increase in virtual events viewed in the K4Community Plus mobile app 
  • Virtual features that enabled better connection to people and events saw tremendous growth (video chat, virtual programming) >> 90% increase in residents accessing video content
  • A remote and online onboarding process accelerates community adoption of technology and provides a scalable platform for ongoing education and resources >> Over 50% of residents are using the mobile app daily or multiple days per week

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